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US Judge Blocks COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Federal ContractorsJay believes that every South Carolinian's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness doesn't end in the case of an emergency. Everybody deserves the right to prosper and move freely without forced vaccination and masking. Businesses should never be forced to close their doors again and there is no such thing as a non-essential worker. Jay will fight for the rights of all citizens of District 85 from healthcare workers to students.

Standing up to Federal Overreach

46 Biden Very Bad, Biden Review Rating 1 Star Would Not Recommend Anti Biden - Biden Review Rating 1 Star - Sticker | TeePublicThe Biden administration has encroached every day into the lives of South Carolinians. Jay will fight for South Carolinians against the failed policies of Washington Democrats.

Banning Critical Race Theory 

Ohio Republicans introduce bill to ban teaching critical race theoryThe equal treatment of all Americans is the ethos of our country. All students and employees deserve to be a part of our society without being taught that they are inherently racist. Our history can be taught accurately without stigmas being assigned based on the color of skin.

Protecting Women's SportsControversy surrounds new sports and trans youth bill in Pennsylvania | ABC27

Women's sports have grown in our country and we cannot allow biological men to encroach on women's sports. Jay will fight for women's sports from Kindergarten through college.

Putting Parents in Charge

Opinion: 'The awesome responsibility of parenting can feel like a heavy burden' – ClarkCountyToday.comParents are the primary stakeholders of their children, not government. Schools must be transparent on what is taught in classrooms. Pornographic material has no place in schools and young children should not be subject to gender ideology. South Carolina families deserve to use their tax dollars to provide the best education possible for their children, regardless of zip code.

Ensuring Election Integrity

A group of volunteers canvassed the largest counties in South Carolina to verify votes from the 2020Voter fraud in Montana: Fact, or faction? election. The canvass showed high numbers of deceased voters, voters using addresses that were not homes, people who said they did not vote, voters who were ineligible and many other occurrences. We must audit the 2020 election and tighten up our election laws to ensure our elections are run legally and fairly.

Suspend the Gas Tax

Give Us a Break at the Pump! Suspend the Gas Tax! | NY State SenateIt's impossible to predict the future but what we do know is there is a pattern under the Biden administration's disastrous policies - prices continue to rise. South Carolina must do all it can to counteract the Biden agenda by providing tax relief. Suspending the gas tax will provide the immediate relief South Carolinians need.

Fiscal AccountabilityAirlines facing rapid cash burn | Airlines.

South Carolina has routinely racked up a large surplus. We must ensure we are spending tax dollars wisely and provide tax relief when we run a large surplus.

Protecting Life

We need to protect the least among us: the unborn | America MagazineEvery life is a gift from God and a baby's life begins at conception. Jay has been an annual sponsor of Daybreak Ministries and Christian pro-life ministry A Moment of Hope. Jay will do everything possible to protect life at all stages and will sponsor legislation to do so. Protecting life also includes the lives who have been destroyed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patients have a right to try life-saving treatments. Hospitals must allow patients the right to try these treatments instead of being left on their deathbeds as has been the case for hundreds of thousands of Americans. Pharmacists CANNOT override doctors who prescribe treatments for their patients and I will ensure South Carolinians are given the right to make medical decisions to protect themselves.

Fighting for the 2nd AmendmentUS United States Flag 2nd Amendment Pro Gun Car or Truck Window Decal Sticker - Rad Dezigns

While other Republican states are passing constitutional carry legislation, South Carolina's legislature is again falling behind on the issue. Jay is 100% committed to protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.

Jay Kilmartin for State House
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